We first got our keys to the Leonard in early April of 2014, and from the very first second we stepped foot inside of 335 Adams Avenue in Downtown Scranton, we could see the potential in a building that had sat vacant for far too long. We dove head first into planning an overhaul to this historic vaudeville theatre, keeping a focus on the history and past that it represented, while at the same time bringing its facilities and technologies up to date. 

That’s when it started. No, not the construction, but rather the phone calls, emails, and more. The outpouring of support and intrigue from the local community energized us. We decided to host the American Advertising Federation’s annual mixer in the space before any construction had started, and at the same time vote on a new name. Now that we had a new name, we could close the doors and start construction. We anticipated we would be ready to re-open in the late spring of 2015. 

But the response continued, and grew overwhelming.  The potential for different types of events made itself clear as a huge variety of ideas surfaced. We knew we had to figure out a way to start using this amazing historic structure as soon an possible. We knew it wouldn't be easy to schedule events and construction around one another, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to dim the lights,  raise the curtain, and start the show.

As we move through different phases of construction, we'll be sure to post the details right here. You can see all of our upcoming events on our Events Page. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook and check back here for progress updates, photos, contests and more!

- The Leonard Staff