The  recently re-named Leonard Theatre was acquired by an investment group including developer Charles Jefferson in April of 2014. This entertainment complex houses a 120-year-old theater recently known as the Moonshine, and prior to that Diva Theater. In the 1970s and early 1980s, it was owned by the Knights of Columbus, which hosted dances and social events there.

"I love this place. It's got great history," said Mr. Jefferson " Having something like this is a vital part of downtown growth, and the more people that come downtown, the better things are."

Originally the Theater was slated for remodeling, and modernization with an expected completion date of Spring of 2015. 

"After an overwhelming show of support from the community, along with immediate inquires about availability, we had to figure out a way to start using this amazing historic structure as soon an possible" said Jessica Kalinoski, The Leonard's Director of Operations. " We knew it wouldn't be easy to schedule events and construction around one another, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to dim the lights,  raise the curtain, and start the show."

As we move through different phases of construction, we'll be sure to post the details right here.

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